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Ricardo Bacu - Badpuppy

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22-year-old Ricardo Bacu is a lean, tight Spanish man, with long, flowing brown hair. Leaning back on the sofa, Ricardo starts playing with the large piece of wood that has appeared in his shorts. He pulls his thick, long cock from under the bottom of his shorts and begins teasing his cock head, slowly jacking the shaft. He pulls his shirt off and his six-pack and pecs stand right out. Ricardo slides his shorts down over his hard-on leaving him naked on the sofa. He starts probing his ass with his finger, stimulating his prostate as he jacks his uncut piece of meat. Ricardo stands and bends over the arm of the sofa. He spreads his ass-cheeks wide and fingers start disappearing up his hole. Locating the lube, Ricardo squeezes out a generous amount and lubes his hole for a big, red dildo he pulls out. He works the dildo in and out slowly as he lays back on the sofa. His legs are spread and his thick cock is laying on his abs, rock-hard from enjoying the dildo going in and out of his ass. He starts jacking his cock faster, his breathing deepens and with one final, deep push of the dildo, Ricardo starts squirting thick loads of cum onto his stomach.

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