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Lascivious hottie plays with his diminutive knob

5 years ago 954 13:39

That Babe rubs his knob so wonderful that this chab cums all over her face

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cream pie lover
I want to cum in her asshole
5 years ago
i want to fuck this babe
6 years ago
the only true defintion of tiny is 1 or 2 inches. everything above 3 inches in reality is good. Even though porn is so against that. I think porn is made for pure entertainment purposes. In reality most women want average size. I've talked to dozens of women and they always tell me that they would never want a cock that is the size of a leg.
6 years ago
6 inches is kinda small
6 years ago
LOL stupid as hell. average size dick and tha video caption is retarded.
6 years ago