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Pia Zemljic in Petelinji Zajtrk (2007)

4 years ago 8 034 6:09

Djuro works as an apprentice at master Gajas, who is an elderly owner of a garage. The tranquil life of the young apprentice is disturbed by the arrival of a beautiful brunette, Bronja, who is married to Lepec, the local ruffian and pimp. Bronja and Djuro start a risky love affair that does not stay unnoticed. Meanwhile, Gaja himself cherishes his love fantasies too. He dreams about Severina, a well-known pop singer, who is on a tour and is coming to town. When an opportunity offers him to meet her, Gaja shivers with excitement. Rooster's Breakfast is a love story. It is set in a small town, almost a village. The protagonists live their quiet and imperceptible lives; however, they all have their own hidden passions, which put up a start to dramatic events.

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