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She rubs condom all over cheating bitch's face

4 years ago 11 205 5:01

NAsty Nastacha finds out her blonde slavewith her bf, so she makes her ugly and rubs his used condom all over her pathetic face, VERY HOT!

piece of bad meat
I know the girls, I am happy to see them, but the other 2 videos (face slapping and cunt kicking) are better than this. I am a young prostitute, I play roles as a beaten girl in front of everybody, in the back rooms of bars downtown, with consumers playing sadists. I get fucked by lots of guys, sometimes 2 hours long. They make me ### too much gin and ###, and when I am ###, they put all sorts of dirty things in my cunt, they film that and they give me a copy the next day But I am proud to do that, I am a sub, nympho, maso, exhib, shameless girl.
3 years ago