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Outdoor Bullwhipping wmv

Submitted by Kati Kumshot
5 years ago 15 298 14:08
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I love this chic! That is one big whip for a petite girl to handle.....but she does amazingly well. It's a 12 footer from OWK and it is one wicked piece. I know....I've been torn up with one before. Very sexy!
4 years ago
love bdsm toys
Oh yes this sweet young thing could whip me too.
5 years ago
I like this video. I had a Mistress that would do this to me at her place. I loved being trained and abused outdoors. Would not mind at all if this happen to me again.
6 years ago
Well, she needs a lot more practice with that... I will happily volunteer:)
6 years ago
That is a Huge whip, would take a very large person to over power it's mass to full potential. She warmed him up, with a 3 to 4 meter I have no dought his ass would be peeled like old wall paper.
6 years ago
wow, that's quite amazing!
6 years ago
an important rule of whipping is to learn to use the whip beforehand. she can plug someones eye out like that.
6 years ago
Unfortunately,Lady Jenny needs a lot of practice on long bullwhips!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago