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NakedKombat Rich The Wrecking Ball Kelly vs Mitch The Machine Vaughn

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4 years ago 14 645 4:00

Mitch Vaughn "The Machine" Ht: 5'10" WT: 180lbs Lifetime W/L record ( 0-0) Rich Kelly "The Wrecking-Ball" Ht: 5'11" WT: 165lbs Season W/L record (0-0) Two brand new studs whip out their cocks, ready to fight for the right to fuck. In the red corner we have Mitch "The Machine" Vaughn, The Machine has been wanting to fight on NK for quite some time now, and he's ready to let out all the anticipation he's been building inside. His opponent fighting in the blue corner is Rich "The Wrecking-Ball" Kelly. The Wrecking-Ball thinks his opponent is all muscle, no brains, he's going to have no problem taking him down. The Machine is confident though, he plans on using his size to overpower The Wrecking-Ball and give him the old "ground 'n pound". It's a battle of will and no one wants to submit, who will win their first victory and who's ass is getting fucked like a rag doll?

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