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Bound in Public. You shore got a purdy mouth boy

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5 years ago 397 582 4:00

Every year the locals of a remote mountain town grab a stud to engage in the thrill of the hunt. Logan Stevens is this year's lucky boy. Confined in a duffel bag, Logan is dragged up the mountain blindfolded. The crazy folks give him a head start for the chase. He can't get far barefooted. They strip Logan out of his dirty jock and make him suck cock. Logan fights back and tries to escape the second time, the angry folks bury his head in the ground making him nothing more than a hole to fuck and show no mercy as they take advantage of it. Pulling him out of the dirt they make him eat a row of asses then suspend him in a net, fucking his ass until he blows his load.

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That was hot! His young cock is gorgeous!
4 years ago
Oh FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D I LIKE GAY BDSM
4 years ago