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JC Punishes her Stepbrother with Ball Torment

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4 years ago 78 396 7:30

JC Simpson is about to leave her place, when her older Stepbrother, Billy Wild tells her she looks like a slut. She freaks out on him and goes a little wild on his balls. He's pretty resistant for a while, but she really starts to hurt him. She teases him, squeezes his balls, humiliates him for looking at porn and jerking off to her prom pictures, knees him, stomps his balls. When she's satisfied that he's not going to talk to her that way anymore, JC leaves for her date. He says another remark to her, so she comes back to him, seductively, teasing him. She even lets him touch her. When his hands get close to her pussy she snaps on him again and torments the hell out of his balls again, making fun of him for jerking off to her yearbook. JC decides to get down to the bottom of the issue. She decides to jerk him off, while she abuses his balls so he won't want her anymore. Her ability to be cruel and seductive and sensual all at the same time is amazing. JC has no problem completely overpowering him. The harder his dick gets, the worse it's going to be. She goes back and forth between an awesome handjob and stomping his balls flat until he can't stop from cumming all over himself. She humiliates him for cumming, and then squeezes his sensitive balls as farewell.

Yep, I like having a chick grab my balls, as long as she don't cut them off! I don't think I have a step###ter though.
3 years ago