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Slutty Amateur Wife Gets Fucked By Pornstar

Submitted by Matheus69 Matheus69
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2 years ago 14 910 18:20

Dave Cummings arranges for a husband to watch his wife get spanked and fucked by porn star Tyce Bune. They are swingers but they desperately desire for her to have a wild round of sex with a porn star. Tyce willingly agrees and starts with a giving Lizzy a good hard spanking. After a good hard paddling Lizzy spreads her legs so Tyce can dive in and taste her sweet honey hole. He finger fucks her hole and licks her slit until she squirts hot cum all over her own thighs. Dave and her husband can't resist a little taste of the action and both have their cocks out so she can stroke and suck on them. Soon Lizzy's dream comes true as Tyce plunges his cock into her wet pussy and starts to fuck her. Her dream doesn't die with her next orgasm though, Tyce pulls his cock out and shoves it in her tight ass and continues to fuck her at the urging of her husband until she finally gets a big cum milkshake on her chin.

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