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2 years ago 2 650 6:00

My New Years Eve scene for 2015! I don't think I had shot a NYE scene in a couple years and it seems as though I only have a few NYE scenes altogether on this site (which is relatively little compared to the amount of holiday scenes I've done for the specific holidays). I decided at the last minute to shoot a NYE scene and had to have my dress expedited to my home in order for it to arrive on time for the shoot. Unfortunately while I do masturbate in this video I was not able to orgasm. I would like to blame that on my Hitachi which frankly has desensitized me to "regular" powered vibrators (especially vibrators that use batteries and aren't outlet powered). I'm currently taking a hiatus from my Hitachi so that in future shoots I will be able to orgasm without having to resort to using the Hitachi.

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