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Mia Valentine in Nature Shot - PlayboyPlus

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Head into the garden with the gorgeous model, Mia Valentine as she graces PlayboyPlus again with her second ever pictorial, shot by talented photographer, Liz Stewart. Dressed in a white blouse and jean shorts, Mia is spending the day photographing nature. As she takes shots, Mia begins to reveal the purple lingerie she has on underneath her outfit, and then, before you know it, her all natural figure. A full-time model, Mia absolutely loves to pose, but is looking forward to learning what it takes to be a good photographer as well. I started modeling at 18. I've mostly done nude and erotic modeling but also some fashion, she tells us. I would love to get behind the camera more and start doing photography though. Doing just that, watch in awe as Mia give us a glimpse of her totally toned, and flawless figure she works hard to keep. From doing ballet all my life, I'm extremely flexible, she teases. I used to hate my boobs when I was younger because ballet dancers can't be curvy, but I've learned to embrace my curves and use them to my advantage, she says confidently. When she's not working, you can usually find this adventurous lady exploring. When it comes to the bedroom, Mia is a talker. My best sex advice for both men and women is to just have good communication with your partner about what you want and what they want, she says thoughtfully. Be open to trying new things, you never know what you might like! If you're loving this second sexy set, let Mia know in the comments below, right here on PlayboyPlus!

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