Risa Tsukino

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    158 cm (5 ft 2 in)
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    01 October, 1989
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Risa Tsukino exudes loli hotness and this newbie to the JAV scene is already making a name for herself. She has beautiful, innocent eyes and does the kawaii lip thing perfectly. She forms it in a half-kiss, and it is a real turn-on. Risa Tsukino is a name you are not going to want to forget. Risa is brand new, and has only been in a handful of vids. We love she is on the Kawaii label. They get the cutest of the cute and make high-quality productions. Risa is young, but is already an experienced horn-dog. Even in her debut you can tell she has done a lot of this stuff before in private. She is very fit and you can tell she takes care of her body. Her makeup is always perfect and we like her shaggy hairstyle. The real sell is in Risa Tsukino's eyes. She holds her gaze and really looks at what is going on, instead of closing her eyes. This is surprisingly hot, and we hope you will check back as more Risa titles are added to the collection.

Risa Tsukino

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