Alura Jenson

Also known as:

Alura Jensen
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  • Country:
    United States
  • State:
    PA - Pennsylvania
  • City:
  • Height:
    173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
  • Weight:
    75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Measurements:
  • Eye color:
  • Astrological Sign:
  • Birthdate:
    31 May, 1977
  • Age:
  • Career debut year:
  • Debut age:
Alura Jenson (born May 31, 1977) is an American porn star, bondage model, dominatrix, and fitness instructor. She is known for her large G cup breasts, toned and curvaceous physique, and raw sexuality. Alura was born in Florence, Italy, where her parents were stationed while serving in the U.S. army. A few years later, the family returned to the United States and settled down in a small New Jersey township located near Philadelphia. While growing up, Alura began to struggle with her body image. As she explained in a 2012 interview: ‘I grew up really ugly. I used to get beat up by boys for being so unattractive. Consequently, I had to learn to appreciate the goodness in people and the beauty in life.’ Reflecting on this treatment, Alura believes that these early experiences have endowed her with a deep sense of humility. After graduating from high school, Alura enlisted in the U.S. armed services and spent more than a decade working as a physical rehabilitation specialist for both the Navy and Army. During this time, she married her first husband, gave birth to two guys, and enjoyed a typical suburban lifestyle. As a result of her pregnancies, Alura’s weight swelled to more than 260 lbs. To get back in shape, she committed herself to a strict fitness regimen, which led to her passion for bodybuilding. It became increasingly difficult for Alura to conceal her sexuality. Driven by a desire to explore her sexual appetite, Alura filed for divorce, obtained an honorable discharge from the military, and relocated to Las Vegas in 2010 to work as a stripper at the Palomino Club. After moving to Las Vegas, Alura confessed in a 2013 interview that she became a ‘savage freak in bed’ and a ‘sick twisted fucking pervert.’ One time, Alura was so wild that she fell off the bed while orgasming, which left her with a blo-ody nose and a concussion. On another occasion, she was so aggressive that one of her implants was crushed. Alura’s insatiable sex drive ultimately led her to the porn industry. As she said in a 2013 interview with fellow porn star Keni Styles: ‘I started doing porn because I was being very crazy with my sexual habits. I was fucking way too many people. I wanted to do something safer.’ Shortly afterward, on December 20, 2011, Alura shot her first hardcore scene. Since then, her popularity has skyrocketed, especially within the dominatrix, MILF, PAWG, and amazon genres. As of June 2014, Alura was listed as 128 on the Freeones Global Porn Star Ranking, placing her in the Top 1% of all female porn stars.

Alura Jenson

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